What are you currently holding on to that is no longer serving you?

You are not seeing this by accident today

6 MONTHS AGO, I was working at a job that I knew was no longer serving me, I was having success with my coaching and mentoring business on the side, but I wasn't living up to my FULL potential. 

I was still taking makeup jobs knowing that I was only doing it because I believed "I had to coach from experience". I had CRUSHING debt from payments that had been missed during the pandemic and I was honestly just Burnt out.

 I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to be "successful" but I just had no idea at this point in my life "how" it was going to happen.

I've worked at job that took all of my energy while trying to build my "side business",

I've worked multiple gigs just to get by,

I've had a DREAM to succeed, but the people around me made me feel like I was bragging about my success.

The day I posted this video My life Changed!

Viral (Over night)

In the midst of My launch coaching Makeup Artist, I had posted a video that went VIRAL about a story talking about how I manifested over $2,000. 

Little did I know that this video was going to lead me to a coach and mentor who was going to shift my whole reality. 

After finding Kathleen on tiktok hearing how she manifested over $3 MILLION DOLLARS in sales, teaching Manifestation, in ONE year. I knew I had to get her on the podcast. 



Things that have manifested...

since I joined this program less than 4 months ago

  • Manifesting Money Podcast is through the roof!

    "Anita! The average person gets 140 downloads and yours is now at 400 per episode!" -my Podcast Team. Ever since I have stepped into my TRUE power teaching Manifestation my audience has 10xed. I realized I was capping myself only teaching Makeup Artist, so I felt the fear and did it anyway and now I am serving the MASSES.

  • Hit my first 20k Month teaching Manifestation

    I have had success in my coaching and mentoring, but I had been stuck in the same cycle of getting close to my goal of 10k month. I was still in a consistent struggle of trying to catch up. The day after I made the deposit my sales, 10x over night after a video (from a girl I never even met before) went viral.

  • I gained over 100,000 followers in 4 days

    Yes, you read that right. 4 Days. I hadn't even gotten into the Material yet and my whole reality was already starting to shift. I had truly BROKEN the cycle of losing confidence in myself and this happening for me was just a reflection of how I felt in the inside.

  • $3,600 Settlement Fund

    I received an email from an attorney stated that Postmates lost the case that was filed against them during the pandemic. The amounted stated that would be receiving a check in the amount of $3,600.

  • My first $10,000 Coaching Client

    I have been coaching and mentoring for the past year. BEFORE I joined Kathleen's program I had been charging $2,500 for 90 days of my time. Diving into her program I changed my perspective on myself and what was I was capable of charging.

Have you currently been experiencing...

"I know so many people who are stuck in a cycle who are not better themselves and stuck in that negative mindset" 

"I ve wanted to teach other's this for so long but how can I teach other's if I haven't done it for "

"I have been learning about the law of attraction for years It just feels like I am blocked "

I am here to tell you that I have been obsessively studying the Law of Attraction for over 3 YEAR as well investing over $25,000 into coaching and mentor about BUSINESS. 

The one thing I know for sure is that I was the only thing that was blocking my manifestation.


 A-Ha Moments & Manifestations from the Last Round of Millionaire Academy

What's Included in the Program?

How this program catapults you towards your millionaire mindset:

  • You will gain access to KATHLEEN Cameron's Millionaire Academy Program.

    This is a pre-recorded program with 12 weeks worth of 20 min modules. You will have the WORKBOOK, for Kathleen's Program that we will go over every week.

  • 31 Days of Abundance

    This is a ONE time offer where you will not only receive access to Kathleen Cameron's Millionaire Academy but you will also receive access to Anita's 31 Days of Abundance Program that Specifically Breaks down Money blocks.

  • Support

    Our biggest goal with the program is to connect you with LIKE minded individuals that are going through this SHIFT with you. We will be connecting via chat in a private instagram group. (This may very to a facebook group depending on how many beautiful souls have instagram)

  • Bi-Weekly 30 min, ONE-on-ONE coaching calls with your coaching

    Get the coaching you need to overcome any roadblocks in the way of your own becoming

  • Weekly GROUP Coaching Calls

    Level up your mindset by being in the frequency of those also making this MASSIVE shift

Watch Intro Video

Anita's personal testimony from the program

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What's included?

Elevate your mindset from meh to millionaire with these perks:

  • Weekly Accountability Coaching Call with your Coach

  • Weekly group coaching call to level up your mindset by being in the frequency of those also claiming this massive shift

  • Access to Kathleen Cameron's 3-month Millionaire Academy program

  • PERSONAL Hypnotherapist Session with a Certified Hypnosis

  • ONE on ONE session with Intuitive Psychic (if you are open and receptive!)

  • Qualify to become a Coach holding others in the program accountable for the work

  • $1,500 referral commission for each person that you refer to the program

  • 12 modules and workbooks designed to tap into your true desires, identify limiting beliefs and raise your frequency to that of a millionaire

"Attracting from the END RESULT now"

Laura L. made the shift to truly step into her highest power.


This is the LAST TIME we are launching this program this year

Last chance to work with both Anita and Kathleen in 2021

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Meet Your Guides in this Manifesting Journey

You will receive a ONE on ONE Your Hypnotherapy session with,

 Hillary Galvez

Hillary helps ambitious souls go from stuck to THRIVING! She specializes in subconscious breakthroughs, so you can clear old money stories and rewire and scale your business with ease. She is a certified Life & Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and TIME Techniques, Practitioner. 

Hypnosis helps reprogram your subconscious mind in order for you to be in alignment with the goals you want to achieve. It helps get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Listen to Hillary speak here

Your Module Teacher, Kathleen Cameron

Since starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted hundreds of lives, generated multiple millions in income from coaching programs and supporting courses, co-written a book, written a book (soon to be published) , guest appeared on numerous podcasts, is in Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle, and a Diamond pin holder; one of the most difficult and sought after positions among Proctor Gallagher consultants ~ and so much more yet to come!

Kathleen lives her life out loud sharing her journey from corporate to entrepreneur, overcoming depression and illness, showing the world by example how to live the life you decide! 

You Manifested This Opportunity - Payment Plan Available

Doors Close November 29th at Midnight- enroll now!

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