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Anita Mae Aguilar


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

You are not reading this by accident. My name is Anita Aguilar, I am the host of the Manifesting Money Podcast, a Manifesting Expert and a Money Mindset Coach. 

I used to be called the friend "who could never figure out what they wanted to do with their life" that jumped from job to job. 

BELIEVE me when I said I have had every single SIDE HUSTLE there is to "make money",

  • Lyft driver,
  • Postmates Driver,
  • Airbnb Host,
  • Bartender,
  • Painted HOUSES for crying out loud lol,

but for "some reason" I could never get ahead. 

I  took a HUGE turn in my life once I became aware of The Law of Attraction, and how I could use the Universal laws to my advantage. 

I have invested over $45,000 into my mindset (yes you've read that right),  and I contribute my rapid success to hiring Coaches, Investing in Masterminds and courses that truly helped me understand how to make money work for me, not the other way around. 

My Coaches: 

Manifestation Babe / RBA & Manifestation Babe Academy

Chris & Lori Harder / Fast Foundations Mastermind

Kathleen Cameron / Diamond Academy 

and many more! 

In the beginning, I had Left jobs that were no longer serving me to pursue a Full-time Career as a Freelance Makeup Artist in San Diego, CA. 

Which lead me to me starting the Makeup Mentor  PODCAST teaching Makeup Artist about business (during the pandemic). This led me to realize my TRUE passion was to teach others about Money Manifestation. 

Since rebranding my podcast and pursuing teaching Money Mindset full time, I have invested my energy into the multiplying myself as a Money Mindset Coach to create massive consciousness about MONEY MANIFESTATION. 

ALONG with Sharing the stories of those who TOO understand the consciousness of Money is Energy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do you work with people One on One”

    Yes I do. I have a currently waitlist & application required. The people I work with One on One is to take massive action only. I created this course because my ideal client is someone who is aware of their money mindset, just ready to take it to the next level (quantum leaping) there is NO COURSE, so that is why I work with people who are aware and ready to take action instead of learning. please email: to book our first call

  • What is the difference between the 3 day workshop and the 31 days of Abundance?

    The 3 day workshop is the INTRO course for those who are just now starting to work on their money mindset. It is where we suggest all of those who are new to this work to start! 31 day of Abundance is a program we created to help you dig DEEPER and learn the basic fundamentals of how to keep money flowing on a consistent basis!

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If you are new to this work, start with the 3 Day Workshop! 💸

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The amount of testimonies I have been receiving from the 31 days has been MASSIVE. I am so un-believably happy and grateful for those who are diving super deep into their mindset and seeing it in their external world.