31 Days of Abundance Is Your Step to QUANTUM LEAP Into Your Fullest Potential

What will YOUR results be?

Meet your Money Mindset Coach

Anita Mae Aguilar

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

You are not reading this by accident. My name is Anita Aguilar, I am the host the Manifesting Money Podcast, a Manifesting Expert, and a Money Mindset Coach. 

I used to be called the friend "who could never figure out what they wanted to do with their life" that jumped from job to job. 

BELIEVE me when I said I have had every single SIDE HUSTLE there is to "make money",

Lyft driver,

Postmates Driver,

Airbnb Host,


Painted HOUSES for crying out loud lol,

but for "some reason" I could never get ahead. 

I took a HUGE turn in my life once I became aware of The Law of Attraction, and how I could use the Universal law to my advantage. 

Long story short, I invested over $21,000 into my mindset ( yes you've read that right) 

Left jobs that were no longer serving me to pursue a Full-time Career as a Freelance Makeup Artist. 

Which lead me to me starting a PODCAST teaching Makeup Artists about business (during the pandemic) and then sure enough lead me to teaching manifestation full time. 

Now I have the HONOR to share the basics of this powerful technique with you, so you TOO can be an expert in manifesting money and TEACH others to do the same.

Our biggest "flex"

Is that our results speak for themselves

"Why is it that when I get money I can never seem to keep it?"

After our 3 Day Manifesting Money Workshop went VIRAL, we not only became flooded with testimonies but we also got asked the questions... How do I keep this going?

The 31 days is to help you keep the Money Manifesting on AUTOPILOT by getting to the ROOT beliefs of where all of the limiting belief started! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do you work with people One on One?"

    Yes I do. I have a currently waitlist & application required. The people I work with One on One is to take massive action only. I created this course because my ideal client is someone who is aware of their money mindset, just ready to take it to the next level (quantum leaping) there is NO COURSE, so that is why I work with people who are aware and ready to take action instead of learning. please email: SUPPORT@MANIFESTINGMONEYPODCAST.COM to book our first call

  • "What is the difference between the 3 day workshop and the 31 days of Abundance?"

    The 3 day workshop is the INTRO course for those who are just now starting to work on their money mindset. It is where we suggest all of those who are new to this work to start! 31 day of Abundance is a program we created to help you dig DEEPER and learn the basic fundamentals of how to keep money flowing on a consistent basis!

What's included?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start this Money Mindset Work!

  • 5-6 min Audio (NO VIDEO) will be release every day for 31 days with new exercises

  • You will be able to do this program on your OWN TIME

  • We connect you with other members who are also doing this inner work

  • We REWARD YOU for doing this work, we give random giveaways to those who are in the program

Plus the following BONUS material!

We've added additional value to our 31 Days of Abundance to support your quantum-leaping results

  • Angel Number Cheat Sheet: 111, 222, 333, etc . You are seeing those numbers for a reason! As a Bonus we have included all of the MEANINGS to these numbers. You keep seeing the clock at exactly 11:11 for a REASON.

  • Morning and Night Routine Guide: We want to hold you accountable for this work! Your morning Routine has EVERYTHING to do with balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energy and reprogramming your subconscious mind. So we have given you a guide to help put together the most effective routine for you.

  • Hypnotherapy Regression Audio: Our good Friend HILARY GALVEZ (Certified HypnoTherapist and Money Mindset Coach) has granted us with a regression hypnotherapy session to help you get to the ROOT of where these limiting belief are coming from. Your limiting belief about money have stemmed from when you were baby up until you were 7 years old.


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Check out the FREE BONUS MODULES (including the POWERFUL Detaching from Your Loved One's Beliefs module) in the curriculum below before enrolling to see if the material resonates with you, your journey and your goals!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Set you up for Success! (MORNING AND NIGHT ROUTINE)

  • 2

    31 Days

    • Day ONE- Set Your Money Goal with NO Resistance

    • Day TWO- Tracking Money Manifested

    • Day THREE- Forgiving yourself

    • Day FOUR- Know your NUMBERS


    • Day SIX- Meditation

    • Day SEVEN- Creating SPACE (Physically)

    • Day EIGHT- Creating SPACE (Places)

    • Day NINE- Creating SPACE (People)

    • Day TEN- The power of Hypnosis

    • Pop Quiz!

    • Day ELEVEN: Write a letter to money

    • Day TWELVE- Reticular Activating System

    • Day THIRTEEN- Self Sabotaging your Success

    • Day FOURTEEN- Making Money your best friend

    • Day FIFTEEN- Break the Cycle (Celebrating)

    • Day SIXTEEN - Gratitude

    • Day SEVENTEEN- Add Structure (10.10.10 Rule)

    • Day EIGHTEEN- Saving

    • Day NINETEEN - Spending on Yourself

    • Day TWENTY- Giving Money

    • Day TWENTY ONE- Working out of SCARCITY

    • Day TWENTY TWO- Take Money off the Pedestal

    • Day TWENTY THREE - How to RAISE your Vibration

    • Day TWENTY FOUR - ALIGNED Action

    • Day TWENTY FIVE- Building TRUST with your Money

    • Day TWENTY SIX- Take Responsibility

    • Day TWENTY SEVEN- Million Dollar Idea

    • Submit your Million Dollar Idea

    • Day TWENTY EIGHT- New Standards

    • Day TWENTY NINE - Releasing your Emotional Attachment to Money


    • Your feed back means everything to us!

    • Day THIRTY ONE - Law of Assumption

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Day 10 of 31 days of Abundance!

The amount of testimonies I have been receiving from the 31 days has been MASSIVE. I am so un-believably happy and grateful for those who are diving super deep into their mindset and seeing it in their external world.

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The Results Speak for Themselves


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